iPhone 8 Screen Replacement PRO

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iPhone 8 Screen Replacement PRO

In PRO version the brightness of screen is better than in normal screen.

  • a good quality screen replacement assembly for iPhone 8
  • brightness >450cd/m2 (even >500 cd/m2) (original screen 470-550; normal after market screen 250-350)
  • lcd + touchscreen together (cannot be changed separately)
  • warranty for 1 year
  • only for iPhone 8. Pls, check model code of your phone: A1863, A1905 tai A1906 (Checking the code: Link)
  • you can order with or without tools
  • colors: black and white
  • Note: front camera and sensor plastic bracket holders pre-installed, so it is easier to install



Pls, handle flexes carefully when assembling.

Good tips for repair: Link

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